Charlotte E Padgham Contemporary Art & Jewellery

London, United Kingdom (UK)
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A fusion of precious, semi-precious and found materials developed and explored through themes of transition, manipulation, ephemerality, identity and 'imperfection' culminating in unconventional collections and bespoke pieces. Due to the processes and materials I use no two pieces are identical, creating truly one of a kind wearable artworks.

I use sustainable and responsibly sourced, recycled, biodegradable, reclaimed materials in my work and packaging as much as possible. Circular economy principles are an integral part of my practice.

I am constantly seeking out alternative non-toxic and resource-efficient processes and developing ways to reuse and incorporate waste materials produced in making work to create new work. I am passionate about sourcing materials with my own hands, re-using what is already in circulation, and giving new life to what cannot be recycled.

I strive to maintain a more ethical, environmentally responsible and sustainable practice.

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