Seller FAQ's

Absolutely not! Once we have received your application we will review it. Should your application be successful we will send you a link for you to start creating your shopfront. If you decide it’s not for you – Please let us know and we fill your space with another small business.
No! We have worked very hard to ensure we keep the fees for sellers at a minimum.
No! We are excited to see your products and want you to have the freedom to upload all of your available products with no listing fees.

Yes! You only pay when you sell & your usual PayPal & stripe fee. (Usually 2.9 %)

You will only ever pay 10% commission of a sold product. This is automatically taken from the transaction, so you will not have any monthly invoices from us.
Absolutely not. However, we do require a 2 week notice period if you would like to shut your shop. This is so we can select another small business who will be waiting to list with us.

We recommend putting your shop on “PAUSE” if you shut your shop you will need to re-apply and we can’t guarantee we can accept you back onto the website.

We monitor the volume of product types we have and we want to ensure we give small businesses the best exposure as possible without them feeling drowned out by so many other businesses selling the same products.


“Pausing” your shop will mean you will have time to catch up on orders and then continue to sell when you are ready.

We thought long and hard about this process and we really want the best for every business we support. Our aim is to give each business a fair chance without being flooded by 1000’s of the same small businesses. As much as it would benefit us to have as many as possible we don’t think it will benefit YOU.
When you apply we will browse your photos. If we feel it might help with your sales we will suggest a few options. But at this point we have no photo requirements in place.
Unfortunately at the moment our website is set up for UK small businesses only. (But watch this space!)
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